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IT Outsourcing : Data Center Outsourcing

ECA Data Center Outsourcing Services is designed to provide a tailored outsourcing solution to meet your needs.   You choose the platform, the software, the usage level and degree of support that most closely matches your business needs.   You determine the length of the commitment.   Through it all, you retain control of your data, applications and system software.

By offering flexible service options, Data Center Outsourcing Services provides a cost-effective outsourcing solution to help meet changing business demands, sustain growth and help protect your existing technology investments.

ECA uses proven technology to deliver fast, reliable, security-rich network services to you.   Data Center Outsourcing Services provides an outsourcing solution that allows you to adapt your computing environment to your changing business requirements.   You can accomplish this goal without incurring the cost of additional hardware and software, helping to reduce your risk of technological obsolescence and helping minimize the need for capital investment.