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Everything You Need to Deliver a World-Class Platform

ECA carries the industry's best selection of platform components. Whether you are selling to a local small business or a global enterprise, we have the expertise, relationships, and technologies to help you deliver the world-class platform solution that fits your client's budget and application requirements.

Our portfolio of IBM platform products includes:

Large Workload IBM Servers

IBM Power Systems™ offer a single, energy-efficient and easy-to-deploy server platform for all your UNIX®, Linux®, and IBM i applications.

  • IBM PowerHA™ for AIX is a great choice improving availability. Options like PowerHA/XD support for asynchronous mode for GLVM or Global Mirroring on SAN Volume Controller (SVC) also protect remote sites. And IPV6 for AIX clusters ensures security and compliance for critical assets.
  • IBM Power Systems let you leverage the advantages of Linux while reducing power consumption, sharing resources, and increasing utilization.
  • Combine IBM i with your choice of Power Systems server to create a highly scalable and virus-resistant architecture with a proven track record of reliability.
  • IBM BladeCenter® offers an open, energy-sipping design that gives you an alternative to sprawling racks and crowded server rooms.

x86 Servers with Intel and AMD Processors

IBM System x™ family of servers includes rack, towers, and blades. They offer loads of options for configuration and customization—without any compromises on reliability or performance.

  • IBM System x™ gives you a modular and high-performance strategy for running Microsoft® Windows® and Linux® applications.
  • IBM System x tower- and rack-based servers deliver next-generation technology that the competition can't match. These multi-processor configurable servers are ideal for Windows and Linux workloads.
  • IBM BladeCenter® offers the innovative and award-winning products you need to save space, improve energy saving, and ensure long-term flexibility.
  • With acclaimed solutions like the IBM 1350 and iDataPlex servers, you can take standard hardware and adds capabilities for the most demanding applications.

IBM BladeCenter Designs

IBM BladeCenter® is all about adaptability. It supports many types of applications, environments, and performance requirements. Different blade servers and switch modules move seamlessly between chassis. So mixing and matching deployment choices for optimal density and power usage is simple.

  • IBM BladeCenter Chassis give you five choices, including chassis for data centers, stores, remote sites, and non-traditional environments.
  • IBM BladeCenter Blade Servers allow you to run diverse workloads within a single architecture. They support multiple processors (like Intel® Xeon®, AMD Opteron, IBM POWER™, and Cell Broadband Engine™) and operating systems (AIX®, Linux®, Windows®, and more).
  • IBM BladeCenter Open Fabric (I/O) Manager (with integrated interconnects and tools) simplifies server managements, speeds deployment, and increases availability.

IBM Storage Systems

IBM system storage provides the solutions data-intensive businesses need to maximize their information infrastructure.

  • Entry-level products like the IBM System Storage DS3000 series offer great affordability for Microsoft® Window® and Unix environments. These systems provide practical options for enhancing capacity, compliance, availability, retention, and security.
  • Mid-level capability is available through the IBM System Storage NSeries, DS4000, DS5000, and DS6000. Each system provides the right combination of high performance, flexible configurability, and easy installation and setup.
  • For high-end disk storage, nothing beats the IBM XIV® Storage System and the IBM System Storage DS8000 Turbo. IBM XIV eliminates the complexity of administering and managing tiered storage—while the DS8000 Turbo is a good option for storage consolidation.

IBM also offers the industry's most comprehensive choice of enterprise tape systems, including the very cost-effective IBM System Storage ProtecTIER® Deduplication Appliance. If you're looking for storage that deploys easily into existing environments, IBM has you covered.

For customers needing an infrastructure upgrade, IBM has turnkey storage software and applicances including industry-leading offers like the IBM System Storage™ SAN Volume Controller (SVC), IBM Tivoli® Storage Productivity Center, and IBM System Storage Productivity Center (SSPC).

IBM Security Appliances, Software, and Services

Good security is an essential part of the Dynamic Infrastructure, but poorly implemented or complicated security strategies hinder growth. IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) enables you to balance competing requirements while protecting your IT environment from the perimeter to the core. From remote data security to perimeter and content security, we have the tools to reduce risk, cost, and complexity by protecting vulnerable infrastructure from known and unknown threats.

IBM Software

IBM software improves the productivity and value of existing resources. A customer’s employees can work smarter, collaborate more efficiently, and access the accurate, appropriate information that's so essential for better decision-making.

  • IBM Information Management Software adds functionality to database servers, content management, data integration, and business intelligence. Whether the project involves data warehousing, data analysis, data mining, media asset management, enterprise content management, or information integration, these proven technologies enable you to transform data into actionable business information.
  • IBM Lotus® transforms the way people work together, regardless of where they work and what organizational boundaries lie between them. With products for messaging, calendaring, application development, real-time collaboration, and more, you have access to an extensive toolset for increasing productivity. 
  • IBM Rational® lets you tailor the development environment and IDE to each project's requirements. As a software development platform, it improves speed, quality, and predictability. Just as important, it enables you to align business, technology and development priorities throughout the project cycle. The result is better software for meeting critical business needs.
  • IBM Tivoli® Software makes it simple to diagnose problems and deploy solutions. It helps you align a business’ IT resources to its current business needs and future technology challenges. It includes software for addressing everything from security to IT lifecycle management.
  • IBM WebSphere® allows you to plug into existing assets and then extend a customer's environment as their needs change. It includes the entire middleware infrastructure and runs on AIX, HP Unix, i5/OS, Linux, Sun Solaris, Windows, z/OS, and other platforms. Modularity and flexibility make IBM WebSphere a solid choice for addressing changing business conditions and strategic goals

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