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As you are challenged by doing more with less, ECA Nearshore Development Services deliver optimal IT solutions based on your goals and budget, while delivering on the value propositions of high quality, and high productivity at a low cost.

Our flexible delivery capability allows us to serve clients on-site, nearby or remotely - or more frequently a mix of all three.   Our comprehensive end-to-end technology service offering includes IT consulting, industry-specific solutions, application development & maintenance, outsourced software product engineering, infrastructure technology services, and business process outsourcing.  

Nearshoring with the ECA Team is a strategic partnership that helps you unlock maximum value from your technology investments.   We enable effective communication, focus on quality, involve clients during the entire project lifecycle, ensure issues are identified and escalated, and provide an environment that encourages "no surprises." When viewed as an extension of your IT team, the ECA Team provides higher productivity, lower costs, and shorter delivery time frames than other offshore models. 

What we do:

  • Custom application development and maintenance
    Design, build, maintain, and support intricate and well-executed software packages based on your specific requirements.
  • Packaged software customization
    Scope, customize, integrate, and manage out-of-the-box software to help you execute your business objectives.
  • Supply chain management applications
    Design, build, and maintain custom applications that streamline and optimize your business processes.
  • Enterprise application integration
    Customize, integrate, maintain and support your ERP systems to help your organization access, manage, and exploit data to make more informed business decisions
  • Application lifecycle support
    Control the entire lifecycle of an application, including proof of concept, prototype, application architecture, application development, quality assurance, deployment, integration, maintenance, and upgrade.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
    Leverage a SOA framework to mitigate risks, increase business agility, and provide visibility into internal processes and compliance requirements.

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