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Business Process Outsourcing

High performance businesses continually assess new opportunities to outpace market rivals. Business process outsourcing (BPO) provides such an opportunity. Today, high performance businesses are turning to BPO to help them respond to the unprecedented market conditions and make vital changes both quickly and dramatically. ECA's comprehensive portfolio of business process outsourcing services provides industry-specific as well as cross-industry BPO solutions that enable our clients to achieve immediate and sustained cost savings, improve cash flow and drive topline growth—key priorities in today’s economy.

Application Management Outsourcing

As the number and complexity of applications grow, application management, maintenance, and development are consuming an exceptional amount of time and resources. To ensure availability, improve performance levels, and support mission-critical tasks, more and more businesses recognize the importance of professionally managing, integrating, and enhancing their application portfolios.

ECA’s full-scope Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) solution lets you realize cost savings by transitioning your IT team to ECA facilities. As a result you:

  • Gain access to deep business and industry skills 
  • Increase operational efficiency and improve service while reducing costs 
  • Experience 15% to 30% productivity gains over three to five years 
  • Enhance system effectiveness and stimulate innovation 
  • Mitigate risk by sharing application development responsibilities 

Managed Services

Unlike traditional outsourcing models, ECA Managed Services are designed to keep you in control of your IT environment. Rather than expecting you to hand over your entire IT workload, ECA offers the freedom to choose which part of the IT environment to outsource, and decide how and to what extent to share the load with us. Whether you need onsite or remote management, whether you want to offload all or part of your IT environment, ECA will build a managed solution that meets your specific business requirements. Whenever you’re ready, you'll have our help to bring IT management back in-house, and transfer IT operations and years of knowledge back to your staff.

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