About Us

Excellere has developed a powerful and collaborative network of strategic partners and alliances based on global capabilities.  This enables us to combine our expertise in delivering major systems integration, business application management and managed operations projects with the innovative technology and software products of our partners.

To achieve this we work closely together with: 

 IBM        www.ibm.com
 Microsoft    www.microsoft.com
 Quest    www.quest.com
 Silvon Software    www.silvon.com
 Vision Solutions    www.visionsolutions.com

And Experienced IT Consultants.

We value our relationships and partners.  As providers of IT technical solutions, we use tecnologies that will help our customers reach their expectations.  We keep our people trained and certified in these technologies. We want that our customers feel assured that our consultants will bring the knowledge and experience needed for the particular projects.

If you need additional information related to our solution providers and partners, please, send an email to Info@eca-pr.com.   We will be happy to answer all your questions related on how we can serve you better using theses technologies.

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