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ECA has available solutions that help our customers speed up the development and deployment process.  We take advantage of our years of develoment and have created particular modules that help to speed up development cicle.


I. eCase: Business Process Automation at Your Fingertips

The present challenging economic environment demands us to work more efficiently and cost conscious to take advantage of all our resources.  eCase is a Business Process Engine with integrated offerings to implement contentcentric process applications across your enterprise.

Take Advantage of:
  •  Increase process efficiency by automation and optimization
  •  Increase productivity by speeding up approval process and follow up
  •  Reduce cost associated by lost time spent moving documents around
  •  Automate, streamline and optimize complex processes
  •  Manage all enterprise content—documents, images, video…
Our implementation framework will allow you to define Business Processes such as:
  •  Receive, scan and route all incoming documents to appropriate departments or areas
  •  Automate all company services to employees, such as vacation authorizations, etc.
  •  Archive historical documents to create an electronic digital file
  •  Maintain Medical Records with complete security safeguards
  •  Manage all insurance claims process up to final customer payment
  •  Process customer service requests and provide status via mail or Web.

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